Sunday, September 20, 2009

That Was a Rough One

The Jimokes are back in Los Angeles after a rough trip to Washington.

Some of us--who traveled separately from the team--arrived in Seattle some four or five hours before the team arrived on Friday afternoon. That gave us a chance to tour the campus of the University of Washington, which was absolutely breathtaking.

We really enjoyed the campus and its many sightseeing opportunities.

Apart from that aspect, the trip was unpleasant. A frustrating game, indeed.

But one other good thing came about for the Jimokes: We performed spectacularly in our Jimoke duties. The locker room was stunning, the helmets shining as ever, our equipment was in full force, and the game balls stayed as dry as an Arizona desert, although rain was trickling down on Husky Stadium.

It is comforting to know we didn't contribute to the mishaps on the field.

Hopefully we can continue our work and the Trojans will bounce back come Saturday. Back at the Coliseum!

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