Friday, December 19, 2008

Bowl Preparation

Yesterday, the Trojans began prepping for Penn State. Today, we are back on the field for day 2 of 5. We will be practicing up until, and including, the 22nd. 

With a practically empty USC campus, it can be pretty boring here for the Jimokes. While the team gets to stay at a Santa Monica hotel for the week, we have to stay in the abandoned college campus. 

We are also trying to salvage any Christmas spirit we have. Not being home or with our families during this time of year can be pretty hard. 

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bowl Practices

Yesterday and today, the football team had practice after a week off for studying for finals. We will also have tomorrow off, including Mnday - Wednesday for more exam days. That means, we won't be back practicing until Thursday. 

While I have completed my exams, most of the team, including the JImokes, still have finals to complete next week. We wish everyone good luck!

Back At It!

After a crazy and hectic week of finals, the Jimokes blog will be back up and running. My apologies go out to the readers that I haven't been up to date in the past week.

Updates and posts will continue to come as regular, including pictures from the UCLA game last week!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


My apologies go out to all the readers out there.

This week has been FINALS week at USC, and I have been swamped with studying. 

Friday, however, we will be back on regular schedule and the blogging will resume, right when the Trojans begin to practice for Penn State!

Stay tuned...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Manager Game

Last night, the USC and UCLA student managers had their annual football game.

With a very defensive game, the USC Jimokes outlasted UCLA 14-7!

Props go out to Joe Gibson, who dominated the game for USC. Scoring both touchdowns, he also had two goal line stop (including a sack on the final play of the game), to give the Jimokes the victory! Eloy Ledesma had one interception, while head Jimoke Matt Burkhard grabbed two!

Great blocking all around (Daniel Mai, Eric Ziskin, David Toper) and satisfactory quarterback play from Brent Cochran was enough to give us the win! 

Check out highlights here:

Beat the Bruins!

Today, the Jimokes went to the Rose Bowl and set up the locker room in preparation for tomorrow's Crosstown Showdown!

The early start allows us to have more time to have everything perfect tomorrow!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Last Week of the Regular Season

Today marked the beginning of the last week of the regular season for USC Football. It seems the season flew by, and all the Jimokes can't believe it. We feel like we were back at Fall Camp on August 5. 

Last week of practice, then the UCLA game! Get excited. 

Last Game at the Coliseum...

Saturday's victory against Notre Dame was the final home game played this year. Senior night was in full swing, and the atmosphere was amazing. Here are some pictures from the memorable day, including a special Notre Dame tradition...