Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jimoke Bio: Gavin Williams

Today begins a new feature for the Jimoke blog. The next twelve days, including tonight, we will begin to post the Jimoke bios of the 12 student managers that anchor the USC Football team.

With full pictures, background info, and personal hobbies, you now can feel more personal with the Jimokes!

Here's are first: Gavin Williams.

Name: Gavin Williams
Hometown: Union City, CA
Why a Jimoke? I want to be part of the best college football team in the US
Hobbies: Bird-watching, TV, YouTube
Potential Career: Software Engineer???
The good thing about being a Jimoke is: Getting to be on a field where USC greats practiced.
Class/How many years "Jimoking": Sophomore, 1st

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