Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Fifth Day

The Jimokes had another successful day on Howard Jones. It was an unbelievably hot day, that caused us to start sweating the minute we walked out to the field.

In other news, as I stated earlier, the new Jimokes are really catching on fast with how the practices go. It's great to see them pick it up so quickly!

The newcomers are even getting some "love" from the coaches.

Kory has now been nicknamed "Juice Man," thanks to LB coach Ken Norton, Jr. In yesterday's practice, Coach Norton was jumping around and pumping up his players, saying, "Who's got the juice?" In this morning's walk-thru, Kory walked up to Coach Norton and mysteriously said, "I got the juice, Coach." Later on in the walk-thru, he was servicing the coaches with Gatorade and handed one to Coach Norton. Norton replied with a casual, "Thanks, Juice Man." We all had a good laugh and enjoyed Kory's story.

We are planning on getting to bed early tonight--or at least at a decent time--due to tomorrow's big day.

Tomorrow is the first official Two-A-Day format of practice. While the first few days of Fall Camp have consisted of two practices, one of those two has been technically referred to as a Walk-thru, where balls are not permitted and coaching cannot last more than an hour.

Tomorrow will consist of a 9am practice and a 4pm practice! Let's get ready and hope to see you out there!

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