Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Lot to Catch Up On

The past two days have been pretty busy for the Jimokes. Monday morning, we moved out of Flour tower--where the entire team stayed for ten nights--and into our new housing for the upcoming school year.

The morning was also declared off for the Trojans for the moving process, leaving us to deal with only one practice in the evening.

Monday night was the second intrasquad scrimmage of Fall Camp--and the first at the Coliseum. The coaching staff clearly referred to it as another rendition of "Monday Night Football." With the lights on, the sky dark, and the players rocking, it was a fun atmosphere to be a part of.

As far as today went, Coach Carroll was generous enough to give the Trojans another morning off--the third in as many days. With that morning off, most of the Jimokes finished unpacking and settling in to their new residences.

The Trojans then suited up for a half pads practice this afternoon. After a nearly 48 hour break from the practice field, Howard Jones was able to rest up, get water, and avoid the onslaught of cleats that repeatedly give the field a beating.

Tomorrow we will get back in the usual Two-A-Day format with a morning walk-thru at 9am and a full pads practice at 3pm. Get ready!

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