Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jimoke Blog MOVING

Hello dear followers,

Today is a sad today. But also one of great joy. Today, we are moving the Jimoke blog away from Blogger to the new site, Wordpress.

We feel our new site delivers us the best opportunity to run a successful blog and enables us to bring you richer content on every post.

We have had a great 13 months on Blogger, but it seems as if our time is up now.

Other than a new web address, and new, and better (as I mind you), site to work with, our content will still be the same. I am still running the blog. Nothing else is changing!

So, be sure to follow us on our new site, Jimokes of USC Football

Thank you very much! Can't wait to see you on the other side!

Up way too early

Tomorrow morning, the Jimokes--and the players--will be up WAY TOO early.

Because it's a bye week, the team is practicing early on Friday morning. This way, coaches will be able to go out and recruit, while the players and rest of the staff members will have the majority of the weekend off.

While it will be nice to have the majority of Friday off, we will be up early! That's for sure.

Tomorrow's practice is set for 6:30am, meaning the Jimokes will arrive at Heritage Hall at 5:45am. It will be fun!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jimokes enjoying the bye week

There is no doubt the Jimokes are enjoying this week's bye week! For half of us, we haven't had a break since before Fall Camp started.

It's been two months of busy football. While this week will still consist of the weekly practice schedule, we will have ONE change.

Both Saturday and Sunday will be off-days for the Trojans. Meaning the Jimokes won't have to put in a 12-hour day!

We will be using that time for numerous things: catch up on sleep, catch up on school work, watching college football, and spending time with friends and family. (During football season, it's tough to do everything!!)

After the bye week, of course, is yet another "Championship" game for the Trojans. In the historic city of South Bend, against Notre Dame! We're already getting pumped for the tradition there!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Day-Off Monday

Today, because we have a bye week this week, was a day off for the Jimokes.

The players were still in meetings today, as well as all the coaches in the offices. But with no practice today, the Jimokes were free!!

It was a great day to have off. But it's certainly weird. I'm typing this write now at 4:30pm. During this whole school year, I have been busy at this time on the weekdays. I'm--and the rest of us--are not really quite sure what to do with the afternoon hours off.

We'll find something...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A wonderful trip

It was yet another great road trip for the Trojans!

Staying at an excellent hotel and witnessing that great game, it was truly awesome!!

I will report on the game on the blog a little later!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Heading up to Cal!

While four Jimokes are departing with the team later this afternoon, some of us are getting a head start!

Eric Ziskin, Eloy Ledesma, and myself are being driven up to Berkeley under the SAFE driving of Brent Cochran.

We are very excited to "road-trip" it up. We will arrive in Berkeley a little after the team tonight and will either meet up with the other Jimokes at the stadium for preliminary set-up or at the hotel.

I will not be brining my computer up to NorCal, but will be tweeting updates throughout the weekend on Twitter. Follow me here: BrianRWagner, Twitter

I will be back on line on Sunday to post the recap of the game, and hopefully a story on the victory!

Fight On! And beat the Golden Bears!!