Friday, October 2, 2009

Heading up to Cal!

While four Jimokes are departing with the team later this afternoon, some of us are getting a head start!

Eric Ziskin, Eloy Ledesma, and myself are being driven up to Berkeley under the SAFE driving of Brent Cochran.

We are very excited to "road-trip" it up. We will arrive in Berkeley a little after the team tonight and will either meet up with the other Jimokes at the stadium for preliminary set-up or at the hotel.

I will not be brining my computer up to NorCal, but will be tweeting updates throughout the weekend on Twitter. Follow me here: BrianRWagner, Twitter

I will be back on line on Sunday to post the recap of the game, and hopefully a story on the victory!

Fight On! And beat the Golden Bears!!

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