Friday, September 4, 2009

Jimokes Are Ready

At this point of the season, we are just about 15 hours from kickoff. It's been long, tireless, and repetitive at times.

But we are here at last. Head Manager Adam Kossoff and Jarone Ashkenazi are at the hotel with the team tonight, witnessing the team meetings, meals, and everything leading up to game time tomorrow. It's a magical experience.

For the rest of us, we have the night off.

The Jimokes will arrive at the Coliseum at about 6:30 tomorrow morning, to prepare for the Trojans' arrival. We will make sure the locker room is set-up in perfect condition, and nothing is left undone. We are perfectionists.

We are exactly 15 hours removed until kickoff. Unbelievable.

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