Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hot Hot Heat

The Jimokes have been battling the heat these past few days.

As the wilfdfires in California have torn up homes, destroyed fields, and caused anguish among famileis, it has also gravely affected the weather.

For the mock game on Saturday, temperatures rose to an unbearable 100-degrees! That's hot for Los Angeles. The heat continued to wage down on us on Sunday and onto Monday, while Tuesday had an interesting effect.

The dark clouds caused from the fire began making there way towards the USC campus, and right above Howard Jones field. This created muggy, dry, and humid conditions for the duration of the day. It felt like Minnesota weather in the summer, sans the mosquitoes.

After spending upwards of four-and-a-half hours on the field yesterday, I felt overheated all night. It was rough.

The temperatures plan to stay in the low-90s today and tomorrow, while going down to a cool 84 for Saturday's kickoff.

Here's a photo of what the wildfires created above the LA skyline on Monday, courtesy of the Los Angeles Times:

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