Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Awaiting Columbus

The Trojans--and Jimokes--will be departing Los Angeles tomorrow afternoon for their highly anticipated arrival in Columbus, Ohio.

USC-Ohio St. is just days away, and the anticipation is building around Heritage Hall.

Because it is a non-conference game, and the Trojans are traveling an unusually long distance, we are leaving an extra day early. That being said, the whole practice schedule is quirked.

Monday was a usual "Tell the Truth Monday" practice, as was yesterday's "Competition Tuesday." Today will also remain the same with "Turnover Wednesday."

However, for us Jimokes, our weekly schedule is moved up one day. After tonight's two-hour practice, we will polish up the helmets in preparation for Saturday night's game. While we usually do this on Thursday for home and conference road games, Wednesday seems eerily early. Because the sky will be dark, and the lights will be shining, the helmets need to be extra perfect, if that makes sense. We will make that happen!

Tomorrow's practice will be moved up to 2:30pm, and immediately following the practice, the Trojans will depart for Ohio. We are expected to arrive in Ohio at 1am on Friday morning.

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