Thursday, September 3, 2009

Big Night Tonight

The Jimokes have a huge night in store for tonight.

During the season, every Thursday night, the Jimokes polish all the players' helmets; getting them ready for Saturday's big game! But tonight has a much different twist.

Since we are approaching the first game of the season, the tradition-famed Trojan decals are going to be placed on the helmets.

For the past eight months, during spring and fall camps, the helmets have been, to be honest, bare. With no decal, the helmets only give out a cardinal color look.

Although a tireless job, and one that takes hours to complete, the Jimokes are very excited for the process tonight! It's a part of USC Football and a tradition that is so rich.

I will post pictures of the process, and what they look like after we are done with them, tomorrow.

But first, here's a picture of last year's Jimokes polishing the decal-clad helmets for the Ohoi State game:

Photo courtesy of 2nd year Jimoke, Brent Cochran

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