Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Recap of USC-Ohio State

The game was insane. The atmosphere was electric. The game had the perfect ending.

The Drive--as it is now called--will be etched into the rich history that is USC.

With a stadium rocking for 59 total minutes without sitting down, being on the sidelines was exhilarating. And that last minute of silence in The Horseshoe was the most gratifying.

The fly back home was a lot more fun after the sweet victory. It was the most nerve-racking game I have ever been a part of, and with the late surge, it just made the victory that much sweeter!

First of all, here are a few photos of the Thursday departure, rolling into Friday's walk-thru, including some shots of beautiful Ohio Statdium:

Trojans get set to board their plane to Columbus

Jimokes unloading the equipment truck upon arriving in Columbus

Jimokes begin to prepare for the locker room set-up

Ohio Stadium. At the 50-yard line

We had some time to pose for some pictures...

Jimokes in the middle of the infamous "O"

View of The Horseshoe from the press box

Trojans huddle concluding their Friday night walk-thru

Shot of the "Horseshoe" end of the stadium

Jimokes preparing for game day by putting on the game jerseys on the shoulder pads

Later this evening, after our Tuesday afternoon practice, I will post some pictures of the most memorable game-day of all time!

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