Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jimoke Roady

During this past weekend, three Jimokes made a special, memorable, trip down to Tucson, Arizona for the game! After preparing jerseys for game day, the three of us (Brent Cochran, Adam Kossoff, and myself) embarked on the road trip. Our initial goal was to reach Arizona by 5pm for the stadium walk-thru, but upon hitting traffic in Phoenix, we realized we weren't going to make it and stopped by Arizona State University. Brent transferred to USC from ASU so he was able to give us a tour, while we had a nice dinner and saw some scenic views. 

Upon arriving in Tucson, after a 10 hour trip, we joined the team at the hotel. After a good night of sleep, all of the Jimokes (including the four who traveled) ate breakfast and relaxed for a few hours. Around 2pm, we arrived at Arizona Stadium for the locker room setup, the preparation of Coach Comm, and the anxious arrival of the team. 

Once the team arrived, the Jimokes were ready for their duties. Arizona Stadium was an electric atmosphere, with the students ready to go! It was homecoming for the University of Arizona, so the place was "hopping"! Fortunately, the Trojans were able to eek out the win with a stout performance from the defense and Stafon Johnson. 

After the game, the Jimokes cleaned up all the player's equipment in the locker room while the players showered and cleaned up. Immediately after, the four traveling Jimokes boarded busses to the airport with the team and arrived back at campus at 2:45am. The other Jimokes drove to Phoenix, and finally went to sleep around 4am, continued driving at 10am, and finally arrived back to campus at around 4:45 this afternoon. This concluded a long weekend for the Jimokes, especially for those that drove. However, a memorable trip no question. 

This is what being a Jimoke is all about!

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