Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jimoke Football

Once again, after practice, some of the Jimokes played some football. Today pitted the offense managers vs. the defense managers with Matt Burkhard as the all-time QB. The offense managers included David Toper, John Serrano, and Brian Wagner, while the defense managers were Eloy Ledesma, Adam Kossoff, and Eric Ziskin. The defensive side was able to haul in a few touchdowns with everyone scoring touchdowns. The offense managers did the same, with one handed catches occurring all over the field! 

Play of the Game: Adam Kossoff leaps up for an interception with a pass intended to David Toper, but (for lack of a better word) stupidly runs into the end-zone where he was tackled, resulting in a safety, and ultimately costing them the game. 

With the game nearing an end, the defense had one shot to tie it up: a 35 yard field goal. Eloy Ledesma kicked it solidly, but just went short as the ball went off the bottom crossbar. The defense was oh so close, but just couldn't capitalize on the opportunities throughout. 

Gotta love Jimoke Football...

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