Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bubble Gum Chew-Off

Every Friday, the Jimokes do a chew off after the walk thru to decide who (offense managers or defense managers) does Coach Comm (coaches' communications device) the day after, during game day preparations. During Coach Comm, half of the managers make sure it is up and running, and ready to go for the game. We always have position battles (like OL vs DL or RB vs DB). This week pitted Daniel Mai (RB) vs Benji Silva (D Floater). The object is to be the first person to blow a bubble with 10 pieces of gum in their mouth. In an excited battle, Mai was able to pull it off, giving the offensive Jimokes the opportunity to set up the Coach Comm yesterday! Here are some photos from the battle:

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Natasha Godoy said...

omg this bubblegum thing is hilarious. I wish I had thought of creating a blog when I was a jimoke. what a great idea! :-)