Monday, September 22, 2008

Jimoke Bowl Championship

After the great practice today, the Jimokes played a 45 minute match that consisted of 10 of the Jimokes (sorry, Benji and Daniel) The 5 on 5 game was overly dominated by us. (Matt B, John Porter, Eloy Ledesma, Adam Kossoff and Brian Wagner) The final score was 35-28, but we won it earlier than the game ended, with the other team pushed to keep the game to continue. 

Matt Burkhard threw a perfect pass on the left side to Wagner for a 40 yd TD to put us ahead for good.

For the first play of the game, Matt B threw a perfect pass to Adam Kossoff who ran a post route to take it for 6!

To clinch the game on defense, Eloy Ledesma tipped away a pass that was intended for Joe Gibson on 4th down! Victory!

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