Monday, September 22, 2008

Game Preparations

Tomorrow, after practice, the Jimokes will do a 7-Pad Check and polish the Helmets for game day. The 7 pad check is to make sure each traveling player has their 7 pads for the game. The 7 pads are: two knee pads, two hip pads, two thigh pads, and one tailbone pad. After that is completed, the Jimokes will turn to the helmets. A long, but exciting process, is polishing and buffing the helmets, while also making sure the traditional sticker is in place. USC Football is often highlighted on primetime and national television, and that is the case for our game on Thursday. We take pride in how e make our helmets look, and tomorrow is the primary coating of polish, before the traveling Jimokes will finish it up the day of the game on Thursday!

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