Thursday, September 18, 2008

Duties of a USC Jimoke

Typically, no one really knows about the USC Student Managers. We are the people behind the "stage" of the football team. Some of our main obligations are to prepare shoulder pads for practice and set up/close down all practices, while going 110% during the practices. It is a very time committing job, requiring 5 hours a day, not including game days, which last 12 hours for a home game. Game days are definitley the days we look forward to! All 12 of us are assigned to duties during the game, whether it be helping coaches, assistant coaches, ball boys, etc. 

We are 12 students who are fully committed and love USC Football! This is a voluntary position, with all of us getting an amazing experience!

(My name is Brian Wagner. I am a sophomore at USC and a first year manager for the football team.)

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