Monday, June 22, 2009

Trojan Football Summer Camps -- Jimokes Style!

The month of June is a busy one for the SC coaching staff, to say the least.

The string of Win Forever Summer camps for children, high school stars, and oldies all take place in June. This also means long days for the Jimokes.

Thursday will end the final day of the 2009 summer camps with the 2nd of two days of the Rising Stars camp.

The camps that have already taken place require sophisticated and strict time tables. Something us Jimokes need to be looking out for. The days consist of setting up a number of athletic fields on the USC campus, the Cromwell Track & Field and Baseball's Dedeaux Stadiums included. In addition to setting the fields up, a number of eqiupment changes are needed.

One cool thing the Jimokes get to do: Not only are we the student managers who deal with the equipment, but the summer camps allow us to test out our coaching styles and even referee games. It's a real joy to be even more involved in the USC Football program, and so rewarding to coach the youngsters.

While the days begin at 6:30am and don't end until 6:30pm, and the hot sun boils over you all day, the summer camps are another way for the Jimokes to be involved with USC Football. And it's great!

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