Tuesday, April 7, 2009

5 Down, 10 To Go

We are already 1/3 done with Spring Ball for the 2009-10 season! I can't believe it! It has sure flown by.

The competition at every position is heating up, especially the defense. 

The QB Battle continues to wage on with Aaron Corp, Mitch Mustain, Matt Barkely, and Garrett Green battling for the job. It's fierce out there, and they are going at it every minute! 

Our new Jimokes (or Managers; they haven't been initiated to that name yet) are doing well and they are also competing every minute on the field. 

Looks like we will have a pretty good squad for next season!

And Adam Kossoff, our new head manager, is proving to provide effective leadership out there for everyone! Nice job!

AND, by the way. Be sure to come out to our practices! Of the remaining 10, 9 are open to the public! Today's is at 4. 

Fight On!

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