Wednesday, November 5, 2008

NO Turnover Wednesday

The theme of today's practice had special emphasis among the Jimokes. Since there were no turnovers throughout the week so far, we have a "No Turnover Wednesday" instead of a "Turnover Wednesday". Some informal bets were placed among the Jimokes today regarding the theme:

A few of the offense Jimokes (Matt Burkhard, Daniel Mai, Brian Wagner) bet that the offense wouldn't commit a turnover in today's bigger periods: 9 on 7, 7 on 7, and Team period. We bet Brent Cochran and Eloy Ledesma, who represented the defense. Today's bet was a little controversial because on one play it seemed to be a fumble, the coaches had just ended the play with a whistle, blowing the play dead, and not committing a turnover. 

The terms of the trade: Tomorrow's dinner at the Galen Dining Hall will be brought to Matt, Daniel, and myself by Brent and Eloy, with drinks and everything included. They will be in charge of servicing our every need for the whole dinner.

Just another way to have a good time around USC Football. 

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